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14 Jun

Kevin Neufeld

“Over the last 25 years your sound wisdom and sage advice, and especially during the last 2 years with the Pandemic and building purchase, have been immensely valuable. Thank you so very much for looking out for us in the financial side of our business.  Your attention to detail has helped us get here.”

16 Feb

George McConnell

“We have used Bridgman and Durksen as our accountants for over 15 years and they offer quality accounting and tax services at a fair price. The staff at Bridgman & Durksen are a pleasure to work with.”

09 Feb

Richard Riel

“Bridgman & Durksen has provided Newville with sound financial and investment guidance for many years. We trust and rely on their input for many strategic decisions.”

01 Mar

Art and Carol

“The Bridgman and Durksen team made a great professional ally in the strategic planning of our business acquisition from analyzing and negotiations to structuring the deal and closing.”

01 Mar

Paul Dickson

“Bridgman & Durksen has been integral in co-ordinating our personal and business goals. From tax returns and financial statements, to business re-organizations, they have been reliable partners and trusted advisors.”