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Grapes of Wrath raises over $135,000.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society

On June 10th, 2017 a group of staff from Bridgman and Durksen tested their strengths and endurance in a challenging 28 obstacle / 5K course known as the Grapes of Wrath in St. Catharines, Ontario. Through participation and fundraising, the Canadian Cancer Society raised over $135,000.00 this year, and the participants couldn’t be more proud to have completed the course and helped to fundraise for such an amazing cause.

A month later on July 15th, 2017, as smaller but just as determined group ran the 22 obstacle / 5K course known as Foam Fest in Toronto, Ontario. The foundation was aligned with local Food Banks across the country and collected hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items at registry. They all completed in under an hour and a half soaked to the bone but still smiling.

With positive support and feedback, the number of participants anticipating both runs next year is growing by the day, and Bridgman and Durksen are looking forward to showing our support and having a stronger presence in our community.


B&D beat the odds and place two students on the CFE National Honour Roll

When it comes to the Common Final Examination (CFE), students from the large firms dominate the National Honour Roll. The Big Seven have the numbers. They have the resources. And their students grab the gold medal honours.

Want proof?

Forty-four of the 53 students who placed on the National Honour Roll for the September 2016 CFE came from the Big Seven. Thirty-five of the 44 came from the Big Four, as did all four gold medal recipients, including the Governor General’s gold medal winner.

Just eight came from an SME firm, two of whom — Alyce [Ah-lease] te Bokkel [like “vocal”] and Steven James Enns — work at the small Ontario firm of Bridgman & Durksen Chartered Accountants.

How did B&D beat the odds and place two students on the CFE National Honour Roll?

“It’s all about the wheel, not the pyramid,” says Vic Durksen, CPA, CA, of the workplace culture at Bridgman & Durksen. “A wheel has many cogs but at the centre is the customer. I’m just one cog in the wheel.”

Cogs, for those who aren’t engineers or gearheads, are the tiny teeth that interlock to turn a wheel. Only a few cogs interlock with the centre at any one time.

“If the needs of the client change,” says Durksen, 54, “and if we need to rely on different cogs, or people, to serve that customer, that’s fine.” And that, according to Durksen, includes junior employees such as Alyce and Steven. Adds Durksen, “The client is the only priority.”

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Excitement on the soccer field

After an extremely well-played game, Bridgman and Durksen came out on top with a score of 6-0.

Davin Warner scored one goal, Connor Saxton scored two goals and Noah Ostromecki scored three.

Travis Cairns State Farm fought until the very end and played a fair game.

Shoppers Drug Mart faced the Meridian Credit Union and won 7-0.

Scoring for Shoppers Drug Mart was Ethan Peters with his first hat trick, Jayke Arnold with two goals and John Vanderlee and Jackson Greenlaw each scoring one goal.